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Childbirth Education 2023

Please register to attend the class closest to your due date. If your due date lands within 3 weeks of the closest class date please register for the one before that. This helps us not become overfull.

Topics Include:

  • Labor
  • Delivery
  • Postpartum Care

Certified Nurse Midwife, Bailey Padilla and Registered Nurse, Liz Gonzalez from PMH Family Birthplace, are hosting a Childbirth Education class.

Expectant mothers and their partners are encouraged to attend!

Dates available:

Tuesday, Mar. 14th 5-8 PM

Tuesday, Mar. 21st 5-8 PM

Tuesday, May. 16th 5-8 PM

Tuesday, Jul. 25th 5-8 PM

Tuesday, Sept. 12th 5-8 PM

Tuesday, Nov. 14th 5-8 PM

Attendees must RSVP 2 days before the event date.

If you no longer see the date you would like to sign up for, please apply to the form below to join a waitlist.

Waitlist Registration

Call to RSVP!

Prosser Women's Health Center


Family Birthplace