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Ideal Protein is...

Ideal Protein is not a diet. It’s a science-backed lifestyle change supported by our devoted coaches. You'll get meal suggestions that allow you to choose foods that taste good to you, and online coaching to see you through the entire process. We'll help you overcome your weight loss challenges, provide dietary tips, and demonstrate recipes you can make at home.

In addition to our excellent adjustment services that optimize your body functions and nervous system, we are proud to be an Independent Authorized Clinic carrying the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol method and products.

  • Dedicated coaches providing weekly support sessions and ongoing education

  • Developed and endorsed by medical doctors

  • Supported by comprehensive guidelines and tools

  • A flexible plan with personalized, ongoing support

  • A medically derived, four-phase, easy-to-follow protocol that helps you maintain lean muscle mass, lose body fat, and learn how to keep the pounds off forever

Finally, a weight loss program that works!

This simple program provides you with the tools, guidance, and hope you need to help you change your lifestyle. It’s a commitment to eating healthy, to being healthy. Download our health profile to get started!

What can I expect when I begin the Ideal Protein Program?

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol containing two essential components for healthier living: weight loss and education. Once in the program, a personal coach provides support and encouragement to assist you in meeting your goals. And perhaps most importantly, your coach is there to make sure you stay motivated and maintain your results after your weight loss. 

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I've always struggled with weight all my life. Born and raised in Southern California, the stigma that obese, hefty people just ate for whatever reasons and didn't care of their health and well being was evident...



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