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Orthopedic injuries can have a major impact on your quality of life. That's why your choice of an orthopedic doctor or podiatrist is so important. At Prosser Memorial Health, our orthopedic services are focused on your comfort and mobility—ensuring you get the greatest range of motion with the least amount of pain possible.

When physical therapy, medicine, and alternative therapies aren't an option, we can perform the following orthopedic surgeries:
  • Arthroscopic surgery of the elbow, shoulder, knee and ankle
  • Arthroscopic rotator cuff and reconstructive shoulder stabilization
  • Ligament reconstruction & meniscus repair of the knee
  • General fracture care
  • Podiatry care
  • Total joint replacement, including knee, hip, and shoulder
  • Fracture, tendon, nerve and ligament treatment of the hand
If you're experiencing any of these foot and ankle problems, we can help.
  • Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery
  • Foot & Ankle Fractures
  • Bunions & Hammertoes
  • Ankle Instability
  • Adult & Pediatric Flatfoot
  • Non-Healing Wounds of the Foot & Ankle
  • Bone Spurs
  • Ingrown Toenail Procedures
  • Plantar Wart Excision
  • Custom-Molded Foot Orthotics
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Heel Pain
  • Achilles Tendon Injuries
  • Foot and Ankle Arthritis
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What is arthroscopic surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally-invasive way to make surgical repairs to bones, ligaments, and joints. During an arthroscopic procedure, your orthopedic doctor will make a small incision and use fine instruments and cameras to investigate the problem and correct it. In the past, orthopedic surgeons would have to make larger incisions, which meant more pain and a longer recovery time for patients. With the advent of arthroscopic surgery, our surgeons are now able to get patients back on their feet faster than ever before. 

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