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Geotechnical Engineering & Construction Materials Testing and Inspection Services
201210-PMH Geotech RFP Advertisement
201023-RFQ-Prosser Memorial Health GCCM for Replacement Hospital-Rev2
201120-RFQ-Prosser Memorial Health GCCM-Clarification Addenda #1
201203-RFQ-Prosser Memorial Health GCCM-Clarification Addenda #2
Prosser Memorial Health GCCM RFQ for Newspaper Advertisement (102320 REV)
Exhibit A - Prosser Memorial Health Programming Estimates
Exhibit B - Prosser Memorial Health Land Acquisition Due Diligence Report 10.13.2017
Exhibit C1 - Prosser Memorial Health AIA A133-2019
Exhibit C2 - Prosser Memorial Health AIA A201-2017
Exhibit D - Prosser Memorial Health SOQ Evaluation Scorecard



Family Medicine

Therapy & Rehab Center

Family Birthplace

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