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Orthopedic care

Orthopedic problems, like a broken bone or a worn-out knee, can have a major effect on your quality of life. That's why your choice of an orthopedic doctor is so important. At Prosser Memorial Health, our orthopedic experts are focused on your comfort and mobility—ensuring that you get the greatest range of motion with the least amount of pain possible.

We provide quality care for a wide range of orthopedic injuries and disorders—from painful hip or knee arthritis to carpal tunnel syndrome to ganglion cysts of the wrist. We can help with virtually any orthopedic need, whether that's fracture care, shoulder repair or joint replacement surgery.

In addition to our orthopedic doctors, our board-certified podiatric surgeon offers specialized foot care.

Expert orthopedic care, close to home

When you require orthopedic services, here are just a few of the many reasons to choose our specialized team:

Our equipment and expertise. If you need knee or hip replacement surgery, you may be a candidate for Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery. We also use minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery to repair bones, ligaments and joints. Both of these methods can get you back on your feet faster, and often with reduced post-surgery pain.

Our personal approach. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons will take the time to listen and explain the treatment options available to you, providing you with the personal care you deserve.

We'll see you soon. We're committed to getting you in for an appointment as soon as possible. Our patients typically do not have to wait long to see our orthopedic doctors.

What to expect when you choose us for orthopedic care

We consider you to be an integral part of your orthopedic care team. We'll ask you to describe your past treatments, your pain level and how it's affecting your life. We'll listen carefully and discuss treatment options with you. And together we'll determine a treatment plan that best fits your goals and your comfort level.

Whenever possible, we will address your orthopedic problem with nonsurgical treatments. Some options might include physical therapy, medications, alternative therapies, or knee or elbow joint injections.

Sometimes surgery is the only option for a permanent fix. Here are some of the many procedures our orthopedic surgeons perform:

  • Arthroscopic surgery of the elbow, shoulder, knee and ankle
  • Arthroscopic rotator cuff and reconstructive shoulder stabilization
  • Ligament reconstruction and meniscus repair of the knee
  • Total joint replacement, including knee and hip replacement
  • Fracture, tendon, nerve and ligament treatment of the hand
  • Carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel release

How to make an appointment at our orthopedic clinic

You will need a referral from your doctor to make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. Please call 509.786.5599 to schedule a visit.